VMOD’s mission is to enable fashion brands to create without limits, and to enrich the experience of owning and wearing fashion across digital and physical worlds. We aim to dismantle the barrier of conventional fashion: Your Fashion, Virtually No Bounds.
VMOD is a "total solution provider" for brands along the URL ("Digital") garment value chain – a place to source digital assets, outsource digital production, and sell digital looks. And all these processes can be seamlessly connected with IRL ("In Real Life") through its sister service SwatchOn.

VMOD's vision will unfold with the following roadmap.:
  • Phase 1: Introducing "what URL+IRL fashion can look like" for brands and early adopters in the market
    • Launch our digital production service for partnering brands, based on VMOD’s in-house production capability.
    • Launch our marketplace service ( where partnering brands can sell their digital items paired with physical items.
  • Phase 2: Increasing accessibility to digital fashion
    • Launch our digital fabric library service.
    • Upgrade our digital production service: in addition to providing VMOD in-house production capability, now VMOD will help finding various production partners for brands.
    • Upgrade our marketplace service: now brands who have digital items created on its own or with other production partners can also sell their items, also can be paired with physical items.
VMOD is a responsible member of the world’s fashion community, and actively advocates for the environmental and social values we believe in.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    • In case we use blockchain technology (e.g. minting NFTs), we will use a less energy-consuming option such as the Polygon blockchain, an eco-friendly alternative to Etheruem. Polygon adopts the POS (Proof-of-Stake validation) method, which uses significantly less energy compared to the POW (Proof-of-Work) validation that Etheruem uses. Also, we will take responsibility for potential carbon emissions from using blockchain technology. We will work with Nori to erase carbon footprints.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • We partner with brands/designers with diverse backgrounds, and work to deliver their messages.
    • We provide resources and opportunities for mid-/small-sized brands and designers so that they can participate in the digitization trend of the fashion industry.
    • We make the digital fashion experience accessible to the broader public by finding ways to ease the purchasing journey. This includes adopting credit card payment rather than crypto-based payment on