Who We Are

VMOD erases the barrier of digital fashion experiences: Your Fashion, Virtually No Bounds.

VMOD is a digital fashion platform where fashion can be owned and experienced across various IRL (physical) and URL (digital) contexts.

Our mission is to enable fashion brands to create without limits, and to enrich the experience of owning and wearing fashion across digital and physical contexts. We aim to dismantle the barrier of conventional fashion: Your Style, Virtually No Bounds.

We use digital technology to connect fashion and culture, while also magnifying the owner’s experience and protecting assets.


We’re a young and driven fashion-tech team with taste, looking to blur lines and create culture.
With his background in engineering, Will forms new perspectives from fragments, and has an instinct for that balance between change and stasis.
Michelle is our future-shaper and vision-maker, gifted with strong intuition and the ability to ignite inspiration across diverse worlds.
Juan leads our technology team and is our digital propellor, perpetually questioning fundamentals with empathy and analysis.
Jinn conjures creativity like a sorceress, whipping her fashion design and tech UX backgrounds into new visions and IRL + URL directions for VMOD.
A seeker of solutions and leader of operations, Suna is our calm, clear-headed, and meticulous manager of people, across our team and for our customers.
An invaluable peacemaker, Tylo knows the team history from day one at SwatchOn, and leads business management across our companies with intrepid foresight.